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Environmental Sustainability

As part of Williams Hotels, The Ashley Hotel is committed to the responsible stewardship of our environment.

Along with our statutory commitment to comply with relevant environmental, public and occupational health and safety, hygiene and employment legislation, we strive to continually monitor and improve our environmental performance. Alongside our environmental aspirations, we aim to be a good corporate citizen and employer. We believe that responsible stewardship over the environment, as an employer and within our community, is critical to the long term success of our business.

Sustainability Strategy
Williams Hotels has developed a focused strategy to ensure that our environmental responsibilities are engrained in our business actions. Our Sustainability Strategy is underpinned by four pillars:

  1. Our people – Our people are key to everything we do. As such, we will be a model employer, treating our people fairly and with respect and valuing their diversity. We are committed to creating a workplace that makes people want to join, stay and work to their full potential. Our people’s safety and well being is a priority.  
  2. Our clients – We will relentlessly strive to exceed our guests’ expectations by delivering exceptional service in a modern, clean and warm environment.  
  3. Our environment - We will help to protect the environment by better understanding, measuring and reducing our environmental footprint, while balancing the growth of our operations. We will look to cooperate with other members of the industry and our supply chain to foster better sustainability actions.  
  4. Our community - We recognize the environment, social and economic needs of the communities we work in and endeavor to be a good neighbor.

Steps taken toward the execution of Williams Hotel’s Sustainability Strategy include: 

  • Development and implementation of a strategy
  • Implementation of tools to help the business better understand and monitor progress towards environmental goals 
  • Working with suppliers to understand the environmental credentials of the site consumables 
  • Changing types of site consumables where the environmental credentials are not acceptable 
  • Reviewing site practices in terms of energy consumption 
  • Implementation of changes at each site to reduce energy consumption including the education of staff, review of systems and use of timers where applicable. This has also included a review of electricity plans to ensure we minimise the use of power at peak times 
  • Implementation of an advertising program at each hotel in an effort to educate guests and entice them to change their actions 
  • Implementation of recycling programs 
  • Caring for our staff 
  • Providing a safe and healthy working environment that supports individual development, team-working, positive work–life balance, and job satisfaction 
  • Ensuring that staff are part of ongoing dialogue about our sustainability 
  • Use of local/NZ suppliers where possible 
  • Employment of local staff

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